Covid Vaccination Programme Update – 9th December 2020

The arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine is great news for everybody.

We understand that due to the significance of this and the high press coverage surrounding the vaccine, that you may have many questions about how this will work locally, and when you will be eligible for your vaccine.

We anticipate that the vaccination programme locally will be starting in the next few weeks, however, the details around this are changing on a daily basis, and are largely out of our control. Over the last couple of weeks we have been in discussion with our neighbouring practices as the government have asked us to work in groups to deliver it to the whole High Peak population.

As you will have read in the press, due to the uniquely challenging storage requirements of the Pfizer vaccine it is not possible for individual practices to administer it locally in practice premises. It is looking likely that, at least initially, the vaccines will be administered from one central location, which will be in Buxton.

You are also likely to have read that patients will be prioritised based on risk.   We understand that this will initially be purely based on age, starting with those aged over 80, and then moving to over 75 and so on.

Further down the list will be those with pre-existing medical conditions but we have not yet been given details on how this will be determined. The order in which patients are called is determined centrally by the NHS, and will not be within our practice control.

We will be in touch with you when your cohort is being called for vaccination.The timescales for this will very much depend on vaccine availability.

Until that time, we would appreciate it if you do not contact the surgery with queries regarding this, as our staff will not be able to answer them. When we have more detailed information we will update our website accordingly.

We have started being asked by some of our patients whether or not they should have the vaccine when it is offered to them.  Our view is that based on the evidence available to us, this is a safe and effective vaccine against a potentially deadly virus, and we would therefore encourage our patients to be vaccinated when they are called.