Covid Vaccination Programme Update FAQs – updated 26th February 2021

We have been receiving large numbers of queries from patients who are understandably concerned about when they will be offered a vaccine, or whether they are eligible.

This is putting a significant strain on our phone lines and staff availability, so we have put together some frequently asked questions below that we hope will answer the majority of your queries.

If having read this information you still have a particular enquiry, we would kindly ask that rather than phoning the practice, that you submit this to us as a written enquiry via our website.  This will enable our phone lines to be kept free for patients who are currently unwell.

The website link for you to make an enquiry is:

We will respond to your enquiry as soon as we are able to, usually the same day, but it may be up to 2 working days.


Is it safe for me to have the vaccine with my health conditions or medications I am taking?

There are very few reasons not to have the vaccine. In most cases if you are invited it is best that you attend.  The person vaccinating you will run through some questions and check that you are able to have the vaccine, and answer any queries you may have.  On very rare occasions we will defer the vaccine.

I have previously had a very severe allergic/anaphylactic reaction. Can I have the vaccine?

If this is the case, we would ask you to submit an enquiry via the website and our practice pharmacist will get in touch to discuss this with you.

I have previously tested positive for Covid. Should I/Can I still have the vaccine?

Whilst we believe that covid infection gives you some immunity, it is strongly advised to still have the vaccine as it offers further protection. However, it cannot be given within 4 weeks of a positive covid test.

How does the practice decide which patients to call next?

We are following the strict cohort (priority groups) guidance as set out by the JCVI. We are not able to deviate from this guidance.

Further information can be found here

Which cohorts are currently being called for?

We are currently calling cohort 6 – patients aged 16-65 who are in an at risk group. We have already invited the majority of patients in groups 1-5. If you are in groups 1-5 and haven’t yet received an invitation then do please let us know.

When will I be sent for?

You will be called once we are notified by NHS England that we are able to move on to your group.

How will I be sent for?

If we have a mobile phone number on your record we will send you a text invite with a link to make your own booking. This is the simplest and quickest way for us to invite you, so if you think we may not have your up to date number, please submit this to us via our website enquiry link given above. If you do not have a mobile number or don’t receive texts, we will phone you, but this may take longer.

I have been invited to attend another place for a vaccine (eg Etihad stadium, Macclesfield, Derby Stadium). I would prefer to come to the surgery for my vaccine – is this possible?

You may receive a letter from NHS England inviting you to another vaccination centre. You are welcome to accept this invitation, however if you would prefer to have your vaccine done here then please submit a request via the website enquiry form given above and we will arrange this for you.

We are very keen and happy to vaccinate all our eligible patients, but are reliant on vaccine supplies to do so, so there maybe occasions where you would have to wait longer for a vaccine here than at another location (or vice versa).  We will do our best to advise you of probable waiting times if you request your vaccine with us, but we may not always know when we are receiving our next delivery.

I have been sent a letter by the NHS advising me to shield – does this mean I can now have a vaccine sooner?

Yes, you will now have been put into group 4 and should be called for very soon. If you think you have been put in this category in error and wish to enquire about this then please submit a website enquiry and we will look into it for you.

I am a carer and believe I am eligible for a vaccine now – how can I arrange this?

Those who are currently in receipt of carers allowance, or who are the sole or primary carer for a clinically vulnerable individual are considered to be carers. Please let us know if this applies to you, by submitting a website enquiry, and you will be put in priority group 6, and called for accordingly shortly.

Can I choose which vaccine I am given?

No. Unfortunately this is not possible.